Extra Info

Extra Info

What to wear?

Time to dress in your best FORMAL clothes!
Girls, please forget white and burgundy colors, they are both taken ;). Also, if you are wearing heels, forget your flats at home for the party, you won’t need them.

How do I get to Valencia?

Valencia has an international airport with direct flights from Zurich as well as from different parts of the world.
Unfortunately, no direct flight from Australia ;). We recommend you to buy your flight tickets as soon as possible as it is high season in Valencia.
Barcelona and Madrid are also close by, it takes 1.30h by AVE (high-speed train) from Madrid and around 3h from Barcelona.

Spanish rail network page

When should I get to Valencia?

We recommend you arrive in Valencia by Thursday 11 July.

How is the weather going to be like?

Summer in the Mediterranean coast, it is going to be HOT! The temperatures in July in Valencia are between 20ºC and 30 ºC and with a perfect sunshine. During the wedding we expect the pleasant temperatures of a summer night.
For the rest of your stay in Valencia, pack your summer clothes and enjoy 🙂

What about gifts?

Your presence is the best gift we could ask for. But if you would like to contribute to the next adventure, our honeymoon, that would be much appreciated.
In the wedding invitation you can find further details. If you lose them, contact us or our bridal party directly.

Can you recommend me a good hairdresser?

These are hairdressers situated in the areas of Cánovas/Ruzafa.
Not all of them speak English, in that case please contact us to make a reservation for you.

A bit further, going by taxi:

  • Mi Consentida Peluqueria
    Carrer de la Vall de la Ballestera, 40, 46035 Valencia
    +34 960 62 03 94
  • Del Revés Peluquería
    Carrer de Xiva, 25, 46018 Valencia
    +34 960 04 74 36